A New Earth–New Age Vs. Metaphysical


I just thought I should clarify my position a little and say that I don’t really consider A New Earth to be “New Age.” I thought about editing my last post to state as much but decided to just add another. As I said in my reply comment to Semjaza, I would call it more of a metaphysical or self-help book, which is highly influenced by Buddhism. I know a lot of people group all of these together anyway, or at least New Age with metaphysical, so it may not matter, but to me, they’re three different categories. In fact, to me, New Age is a pretty outdated term, and metaphysical makes much more sense nowadays. Of course, I guess to many that this is all just semantics and my own personal take, in any case. I’d love to hear from others how they feel about these terms–if they prefer one over the other, why, or if they feel they’re the same thing. Just in general, although if someone wanted to discuss in which category/categories they place the Tolle book, this is fine, too.


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  1. I’d say that “metaphysical” is the broader catergory and covers everything from the most recent Wicca for teens books to esoteic philosophy from the turn of the century.

    “New Age”is a sub-set of this, covering books from 20th/21st centuries.I’d say that he New Age is still running, although many folks don’t care for the term as it has come to be associated with high prices and some pretty fluffy behaviors.

    And many self-help and religious books these days incorporate metaphysical/New Age philosophy and techniques such as visualisation, meditation and affirmations/chanting

    Hope that’s a help

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